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There are not many things that you can do at a relatively low cost that can enhance your curb appeal immediately. Pressure washing is a must to maintain your exterior materials and to make your home look new. It removes dirt and debris that can start to make your home look worn. At Stuckwisch Power Washing, we provide the highest-quality pressure washing and soft washing in the industry. Our team is trained, experienced, and knowledgeable, and we always go above and beyond your expectations!

Residential Power Washing Excellence

Your home is one of your biggest investments, which is why maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of your materials and enhance your curb appeal.

At Stuckwisch Power Washing, we clean roofs to sidewalks and everything in between. And our industry knowledge and experience are second to none. Most of our customers come from either referrals or are repeat customers, and our ratings and reviews are a testament to how well we are exceeding our customers’ expectations!

Residential Power Washing
Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing in New Albany, IN

At Stuckwisch Power Washing, there is no job too large for us to take on or too small to not command our complete attention. Our mission is to get roofs to sidewalks and everything in between clean and sparkling like new. As a business owner, you are obligated to keep your premises safe for everyone, which is why pressure washing things like sidewalks and parking lots is so critical.

When you allow dirt, debris, and algae to sit unaddressed, it can make conditions slick and increase the likelihood of a slip and fall injury. We understand that your building is one of your greatest investments, so we work tirelessly to make a good impression by keeping everything shiny and clean and to keep everyone safe.

Power Washing Versus Soft Washing

Although people often conflate pressure washing and soft washing into the same process, it’s actually not. Not all surfaces are suitable for pressure washing. At times, things need a gentler touch. But it takes an industry professional to understand where pressure washing is safe, and where soft washing is a better alternative. Our team of professionals always errs on the side of caution to ensure that we keep your exterior spaces clean, while limiting the potential of damage by using the correct method the first time, every time.

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If it has been a while since you have had your home or office pressure washed, now is an excellent time to schedule your appointment in New Albany, IN. At Stuckwisch Power Washing, we care about each and every customer we serve, and it shows in our glowing reviews and customer satisfaction ratings! Schedule your service today!