Which is Better for Your Roof Cleaning – Soft or Pressure Washing?

Your roof is a significant investment, which means you want to maintain it properly to avoid the need for unnecessary repairs or prematurely having to replace it. Many of our customers ask us if it is a good idea to hire a roof washing Charleston, WV company, and our answer is “yes.” But pressure washing might not be the answer. Soft washing is actually a better technique to get your roof cleaned while reducing the risk of damage or excessive wear and tear.

What is the Difference Between Soft and Pressure Washing?

Pressure and power washing are two methods of cleaning that use high-powered water to clean the exterior of your home or office. But not all surfaces are strong enough to withstand high-pressure water. Soft washing is a technique similar to pressure washing, but it uses a gentler approach. Soft washing involves using powered water, alongside cleaners and biodegradable solvents to clean more fragile exterior surfaces.

Why Use Soft Washing Instead of Pressure Washing on Your Roof?

For shingled roofs, pressure washing is too powerful and it might lead to deterioration of your shingle material. Also, since the water is pushed at such high force, water might get underneath your shingles, where it can lead to moisture issues and the need for repairs or even a roof replacement. It takes a professional in the industry to know which method works best where, and that is where our team at Power Wash Specialists excels.

The Advantages of Roof Washing

When you allow dirt and debris to build up on your roof, it can lead to algae growth and bacteria. They can not only cause shingle and roof damage, but they are also a beacon for insects and small rodent infestations. Once the infestation starts, it can become easier for pests to make their way into your attic, which can lead to some significant damage and the need for a costly pest control call.

Energy Savings

Your roof is designed to reflect the sun’s rays to cut down on radiant heat that can drive up your cooling costs during the warm summer months. A roof that is dirty or dingy will not reflect the sun as it is supposed to, which can lead to an increase in your monthly energy costs. By washing your roof, you can cut down on your energy costs and extend the life of your roofing materials.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of washing your roof is that it will look new again. Not only does roof washing improve your curb appeal; it also stops your roofing material from premature aging that wears down its integrity and makes your whole home look older. Our soft washing technique will improve the overall look of your home instantly and for very little cost.

A roof is a hefty investment, and although it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, washing it annually to reduce the build-up that can lead to the need for unnecessary repairs is an excellent idea. Don’t just call any company for roof washing in Charleston, WV; hire Power Washing Specialists to ensure that you are getting the best service in the industry from experts who know how to reduce the risk of damage and keep your roofing material in top shape. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!